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Establishing accessibility in the DDaT Profession

Showing a person typing on a laptop

Recognising the growing importance of digital accessibility, David and Beverley outline how they’ve led work to include Accessibility Specialists within the DDaT Capability Framework to help better support and develop the growing number of accessibility professionals across government.

Websites need to be accessible to be inclusive

Test setup

Making inclusion happen by helping the public sector identify and fix accessibility issues.

Accessible by default at the Food Standards Agency

Food Standards Agency logo with a person shown using a laptop.

Setting the course to becoming a much more inclusive organisation, the Food Standards Agency’s Accessibility Lead, Samantha Merrett, discusses her approach to improving awareness of accessibility and ensuring the organisation is pioneering the way. Where it all started The Public …

Creating empathy with users who have accessibility needs

Team member sat at a desk in a meeting room, using a laptop to login with the Claudia persona to the service, referring to a paper copy of the details.

The Digital Trade Finance Service team has been working hard to make its service more accessible, getting our whole team involved. This post explains how we used the GDS accessibility personas to do just that and what we learnt along the way.