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Tell us the challenges you face in delivering accessible services

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The accessibility team at GDS is growing and we want to work out how best to help people in government make services accessible.

Simply providing accessibility audits and enforcing policy is not an effective or efficient approach.

Accessibility can be difficult for the following reasons. You might be:

  • Unfamiliar with accessibility
  • In a new role in government and haven’t had to think about it before
  • Unsure of how to approach it with your team
  • Constrained by process or budget.

We’re trying to understand the challenges that people face and how, as a team, we can best help you.

We know that there are many different approaches to making services accessible. We’d like to learn more about these and help establish best practice.

Which is why we need your help.

Throughout July we plan to run a number of informal workshops with teams and individuals around government who are willing to share their experiences, any challenges they’ve faced and suggestions about the help that they need.

Doing this will help us to try to work out the best way to help and share best practice.
This might eventually take the form of workshops, videos, articles, checklists and guidance around topics such as:

  • What to consider when doing X
  • How to approach it
  • How to test it
  • How to find people to include in your research

We want this process to generate useful outputs and we can’t do this without help from you.
If you’d like to get involved please email us at and tell us where you are located, what department you work in, your role and your project.

We will schedule the session and work out whether to do a face-to-face session or one over the phone. We’re happy to travel outside London.

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