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Five lessons from making DBS services accessible

Gold statue Of 'Justice', Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London viewed from a low angle against a blue sky.

Leyla Kee-McParlin of the Disclosure and Barring Service talks about the challenges of making services accessible and inclusive, and how that can be applied to other services, by using teams’ existing skills, but getting help from specialists where needed. Accessibility and inclusion is never “done” and learning has to continue.

What we learned from getting our autocomplete tested for accessibility

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An image of the autocomplete in use. The text in the textbox reads “unite action tab down 5 times”. There are a set of seven country results below.

We’ve been working on an autocomplete/location picker for use across government. We had it tested for accessibility, and we found a couple of major issues and the team learned a lot from the experience. Here’s what we did and what we found out.